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probably 80% gay things
specifically gryuu

i like homestuck and pokemon mostly but im also knee deep in a ton of other fandoms those are just the ones i draw for without prodding.

Since I'm gonna b drawin him a lot but never credit it
Grimm belongs to this bae
Care to fill me in?

is this considered a monster girl


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i keep putting my pajama pants on backwards e > e;; 

i have this paneling thing on my program that i decided to mess around with but tbh all i’ve been using it for is to make dumb gryuu comics

Noivern gijinka because im pokemon loving trash


when was the last time i drew gryuu fluff

if u answered too long u r correct



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iiiii should be asleep


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first thing i’ve been able to draw all week (im sorry zy)

dusknoir gijinka

im gonna go to bed and hope i can still draw when i wake up


Metus. formerly kuroi. don’t… don’t talk to him. he’s horrible.


you’re what?


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