art blog

probably 80% gay things
specifically gryuu

i like homestuck and pokemon mostly but im also knee deep in a ton of other fandoms those are just the ones i draw for without prodding.

Since I'm gonna b drawin him a lot but never credit it
Grimm belongs to this bae

from an rp

I did this for a drabble


wips wips wips


basic bitches cant tell me nothin

old legend of zelda fanchar
idk dont look at me


tags: ocart + xyna +

because kacha is slowly getting me into loz again weh

dark link my honey my boo
(black and white hair options because red is indecisive and likes them both)

ryuu you stupid flashy piece of shit

moth princes

harry potter au cuties
i really need to start drawing other things


Ryuu not-like-other-children-of-Aphrodite Tsukino

That’s a lie he’s just like them

this isn’t a big surprise i’ve been watching mermaid shows for over a week

Grimm and Ryuu as mermen (eel and lionfish in the top and both betas on the bottom)

Grimm isssss this rockin beta btw bc why not